VIDEO: Full-Length Musical Numbers from Prince of Egypt Live Capture

VIDEO: Full-Length Musical Numbers from Prince of Egypt Live Capture

The highly anticipated filmed London production of The Prince of Egypt - the Musical' has arrived in global cinemas this week! The filmed musical is currently playing in select European countries, thanks to a partnership between Universal Content Group and Trafalgar Releasing.

While the US is not expected to have a cinema release of the film, it will be the first region to be able to stream it the following month, on November 15th. All other regions will be able to stream the film starting on December 4th.

Today, Universal Studios and DreamWorks have released an additional musical number from the filmed musical, "Through Heaven’s Eyes." This joins the full recording of "When You Believe," which was released last week, along with a behind-the-scenes featurette that delves into the filming of the musical at London's Dominion Theatre.

The musical was filmed live at London's Dominion Theatre by STEAM Motion & Sound ("Waitress," "Aladdin," "Kinky Boots," "Heathers the Musical") for Universal Content Group and will be distributed to cinemas by Trafalgar Releasing (known for the recent recordings of "Anything Goes", and "The King and I").



The film features Luke Brady as Moses, Liam Tamne as Ramses, Christine Allado as Tzipporah, and Alexia Khadime as Miriam. The recorded performance will make its debut in cinemas across the UK & Ireland with other locations to be announced soon. Cinema showings include an evening screening on Thursday, October 19th, and a matinee on Sunday, October 22nd. Additional showings may be scheduled in specific locations based on demand.

While Universal has established a reputation for their physical releases of stage musicals like "Shrek the Musical," "The Phantom of the Opera," and "Love Never Dies," it's worth noting that, as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding a physical release for "The Prince of Egypt." Fans eagerly anticipating a physical copy of this remarkable production may need to keep their eyes peeled for future updates from Universal.

The musical was filmed three times, with and without an audience, to capture close-ups and crane shots. To catch a glimpse of exclusive photos from the filming at the Dominion Theatre, check out our Prince of Egypt photo gallery.

The film was granted a PG rating by the British Board of Film Classification on August 17th. The rating is due to "mild violence, threat, and upsetting scenes." The film has been cleared for release as a "VOD/Streaming" title by the board and boasts a runtime of 144 minutes.



DreamWorks Theatricals, the lead producer of The Prince of Egypt, previously undertook a similar endeavor with their Broadway production of "Shrek the Musical" back in 2009. This earlier venture was released on DVD and Blu-Ray a few years after the show concluded its touring engagements, but it didn't have any theatrical screenings.

The musical is under the direction of Scott Schwartz, with choreography by Sean Cheesman. The creative team includes set designs by Kevin Depinet, costume designs by Ann Hould-Ward, lighting design by Mike Billings, and sound design by Gareth Owen.

Journey through the wonders of Ancient Egypt as two young men, raised together as brothers in a kingdom of privilege, find themselves suddenly divided by a secret past. One must rule as Pharaoh, the other must rise up and free his true people; both face a destiny that will change history forever. Filmed live at the Dominion Theatre in London, this spectacular stage show comes to cinemas for the first time.