About Filmed on Stage

Filmed on Stage, launching originally as "Broadway on DVD", was created in 2007 with what seemed to be a very tough mission: collect all professionally filmed Broadway productions in one online database. With just 30 titles at launch, our library grew each year as filming Broadway shows became an integral part of the theater business. 

While it is still the case that very few professional productions make it outside of the theater, on some occasions producers decide to film their shows for commercial release when contracts can be reached with all unions involved. What seemed a complete rarity back in 2007, filming Broadway and West End shows (most commonly referred to as "Pro-Shots" or "Digital Captures") is now a popular revenue stream for producers that are looking to increase brand awareness. 

Filmed on Stage saw a peak in its popularity during the 2020 Broadway shutdown, where theaters around the world were closed and streaming served as the only option to experience "live" theatre. Serving as the main home for streaming Broadway shows, our online database became a popular destination for theatre lovers from all over the world. 

Filmed on Stage was recently featured in The New York Times, on the official website of the City of New York, and on TMZ Online as the primary resource for filmed theatre online. It is brought to you with love by a team of 6 theater nerds from New York, San Francisco, London, and Tel Aviv.


"42nd Street" filmed live at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane in London