Broadway's HAMILTON DVD & Blu-ray Release Details

Broadway's HAMILTON DVD & Blu-ray Release Details

Disney+ has been streaming the Original Broadway Production of Hamilton since July 3, 2020, and while it is possible to stream the show online, a physical release is often cherished by fans. So is a DVD & Blu-Ray release expected following the streaming debut?

Continue reading for all we know about the DVD & Blu-Ray plans for Hamilton.



Are Broadway Musicals Released on DVD & Blu-Ray?

Physical media sales have continued to drop year on year, as more viewers subscribe to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney+ to consume media. However, medias such as Blu-Rays still offer distinct advantages over streaming, such as higher picture quality and uninterrupted viewing.

While most musicals are "digitally captured" and only released to online streaming services nowadays, some Broadway shows have been released on physical media. Here's a list of the 40 productions that are currently available on physical media:

Broadway musicals that are available on DVD & Blu-Ray:

  1. An American in Paris

  2. Kinky Boots

  3. 42nd Street

  4. Spongebob Squarepants the Musical

  5. Les Miserables: The Staged Concert

  6. Red (play)

  7. David Bryne's American Utopia

  8. Ruthless! the Musical

  9. Holiday Inn

  10. Gypsy

  11. Hetty Feather

  12. Allegiance: The Musical

  13. The Phantom of the Opera

  14. Miss Saigon

  15. From Here to Eternity

  16. Billy Elliot: The Musical

  17. Shrek the Musical

  18. Jesus Christ Superstar

  19. Love Never Dies

  20. Memphis the Musical

  21. Les Miserables: 25th Anniversary

  22. Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway

  23. Company

  24. Jerry Springer: The Opera

  25. Kiss Me, Kate

  26. Putting it Together

  27. Jekyll and Hyde

  28. Smokey Joe's Cafe

  29. Oklahoma the Musical

  30. Cats

  31. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

  32. Victor/Victoria

  33. Les Miserables: 10th Anniversary Concert

  34. Into the Woods

  35. Sunday in the Park with George

  36. Barnum!

  37. Camelot

  38. Sophisticated Ladies

  39. Sweeney Todd

  40. Pippin



Will Hamilton ever be released on DVD / Blu-Ray?

While the original contract between The Walt Disney Company, Nevis Productions, and 5000 Broadway Productions did include cinema screenings and home distribution as part of the first release model, the new contract between the three production companies was altered to fast track the original October 2021 to the streaming platform and canceled the original distribution plans.

The new contract does specify a "multi-channel distribution deal" in the following territories: Australia, Austria, Canada, Channel Islands, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Unlike the original contract, the multi-channel distribution deal was not explained in detail and did not specify if a physical release is in the cards.



With the new distribution model now in place, Hamilton's revenue model was changed to deemphasize profits coming out of movie theaters and focus more on new Disney+ subscribers. In fact, Hamilton lived up to expectations and drove up Disney+ app downloads by 74% over its opening weekend in the US.

Disney’s current Hamilton strategy seems to focus on encouraging fans to stay subscribed to the platform and provide an incentive for new subscribers and not on a potential physical release.

A DVD & Blu-Ray release might still be possible down the road, as some select Disney+ releases have been getting physical releases in the past, such as Pixar's Soul which debuted on Disney+ and has also been released on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Until then, check out all the streaming Broadway musicals that have been released.