More Details Revealed on Upcoming HAMILTON Release, including DVD and Blu-Ray Plans

More Details Revealed on Upcoming HAMILTON Release, including DVD and Blu-Ray Plans

Following the announcement that Disney+ will fast track the premiere of the filmed version of the original Broadway production of “Hamilton,” more details are now revealed on the new contract that was signed last month in order to bring Hamilton to fans this July.

The filmed Broadway performance, which was originally set for a limited release in October 2021, followed a strict contract clause from Hamilton producers demanding the movie will not be released to the public before mid-2021. This specific request was made clear to Disney officials prior to purchasing the film for $75 million late last year. Hamilton producers were asked by Disney representatives in April to greenlight the streaming in order to generate new content for Disney+ during the COVID-19 period. Watch Disney executives make the official announcement with Lin-Manuel Miranda on GMA.


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While Disney owns complete distribution rights to the film, Hamilton producers had to give the final OK to release the show earlier than expected -resulting in several amendments to the original agreement:

- Disney will still release the production in either a limited or full theatrical release in 2021 - a decision that will be based on the success of the Disney+ stream.

- Disney still has complete worldwide home distribution rights to all media related to the Hamilton film, including DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD distribution. While plans for home media were originally set for 2022, Disney will re-consider release dates and plans to align the distribution with the potential theatrical release.

- The show will stream on Disney's streaming platform starting July 3rd for an ongoing engagement, and will not be distributed in any other shape or form in 2020.

"Hamilton", starring the Original Broadway Company will stream online starting July 3rd, 2020. Click here for more information on the new Broadway film or view the full list of all musicals now streaming!