Original Camelot Musical Streams Free Ahead of New Broadway Revival

Original Camelot Musical Streams Free Ahead of New Broadway Revival

The 1982 Broadway production of Lerner & Loewe's Camelot, starring Richard Harris, has now been released for free streaming globally.

The live capture was shot as part of "HBO Theatre" in New York's Winter Garden Theatre as the channel's first major foray into theater programing.

Aaron Sorkin and Bartlett Sher are set to bring a reimagined production of the musical to Broadway later this year at Lincoln Center Theatre. Set to open at the Vivian Beaumont Theater, the highly-anticipated revival will star Andrew Burnap as Arthur, Phillipa Soo as Guenevere, and Jordan Donica as Lancelot.



Camelot features a romantic triangle between Arthur, Guenevere, and Lancelot, a quest to establish democracy and justice over chaos, and the bittersweet wish for the world to be as it once was. The 1982 production stars Richard Harris as Arthur, Meg Bussert as Guenevere, Muenz as Lancelot, and Thor Fields as Tom of Warwick. 

Broadway's original production of Camelot is now streaming globally for free through Broadway at Home. The musical can now be streamed here in all markets.

The filmed production also features Barrie Ingham as King Pelinore, James Valentine as Merlyn, Richard Backus as Mordred, William Parry as Sir Dinidan, Andy McAvin as Sir Sagramore, Jeanne Caryl as Nimne, Robert Molnar as Dap.

In a 1982 article from The New York Times, John Duka explains the process of filming Camelot - "To film 'Camelot,' at the end of its road tour at the Winter Garden Theater in New York, the director had four rows of front seats removed and a camera platform installed to accommodate four cameras. Because he felt ''it all needed a little sprucing up,'' Mr. Callner decreed that ''everything should be redone from start to finish,'' including the show's sets, costumes and makeup. Some 40,000 pounds of dry ice were deployed to simulate ground fog to suggest the mythical atmosphere he felt the play called for. And, at one point, a laser beam was shot through that fog to create a ''tunnel'' for Merlin the wizard to walk through."