Off-Broadway’s Emojiland to Be Filmed for Release

Off-Broadway’s Emojiland to Be Filmed for Release

Emojiland the Musical, the hit 2020 off-Broadway musical, will be filmed live tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio as part of its US tour.

Here's all we know about Emojiland and how to get tickets to the filming:



While it is much more common for Broadway musicals to be filmed for release, on rare occasions off-Broadway musicals receive the digital capture treatment. Recent examples include Heathers the Musical, which was filmed last month, and Puffs: Filmed Live off-Broadway.

The US tour of Emojiland was scheduled to run for an initial seven weeks (opening in Ohio) - but it was recently decided by producers to cancel the whole tour due to poor ticket sales. Well, all tour stops but one - the Columbus, Ohio stop. The tour will now have one single performance, free to the public, and filmed live.

The "special event performance" will take place tomorrow, June 4th, at the Palace Theatre in Columbus, Ohio. Free tickets for the special performance are available through the show's official site,

No production company was announced for the film of Emojiland at this time.

In a press statement, the show's co-creator, Keith Harrison Dworkin said, "The point of this tour was to share the unique source of love and light that is EMOJILAND with audiences outside NYC - powered by this incredibly talented and energetic new cast. So while it is the ultimate bummer that the tour must be cut short, the opportunity to capture this stunning production on camera and share it with the world in an even bigger way is a very uplifting silver lining."

Emojiland originally opened off-Broadway at the Duke on 42nd Street in January 2020 to rave reviews. The show ultimately had to close after just 59 performances due to the 2020 shutdown. 

The touring cast (which will all appear in the filming of the show) was discovered via a unique nationwide social media search, and features Michael C. Brown, Allyson Gishi, Dahlya Glick, Christopher Hobson, Sarah Isola, Steven Klenk, Jaden Dominique Lewis, Keith Mankowski, Oshie Mellon, Sheridan Mirador, Gina Morgigno, Maeghin Mueller, Zachary A. Myers, Samantha N. Sostarich, Andrew Tufano, Alana Walker, and Eustace J. Williams.

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