Stratford Festival's The Adventures of Pericles Streams Free This Month

Stratford Festival's The Adventures of Pericles Streams Free This Month

The Stratford Festival’s magical production of Shakespeare’s epic tale The Adventures of Pericles, directed by Scott Wentworth, will be available for free streaming starting tonight through Broadway on Demand.

The story of Pericles follows his journey to Antioch, where he aims to win the hand of the King's daughter by solving a riddle. However, he soon discovers that the answer to the riddle is a dangerous secret, and revealing it could cost him his life.

The play was captured live on stage during the 2016 Stratford Festival for their Live in HD Series, and shown in cinemas across the world a year later through Fathom Events. The production will now stream for free as part of Broadway on Demand's "Broadway at Home" platform.



When Pericles requests more time, the King becomes suspicious and sends an assassin after him. Fortunately, Pericles manages to escape by sea. A storm wrecks his ship, however, and he finds himself stranded on an island. There, he meets and marries Thaisa. Upon learning of the King of Antioch's death, Pericles sets sail for home, embarking on a journey of epic proportions.

The Adventures of Pericles is now streaming for free through Broadway on Demand's "Broadway at Home" platform. The play can be streamed online and through the Broadway at Home app available on all streaming devices.

The cast of the production includes Evan Buliung as Pericles, Sean Arbuckle as Cleon, Deborah Hay as Thaisa, Marina, and Antiochus' daughter, Claire Lautier as Dionyza, Brigit Wilson as Bawd, Antoine Yared as Lysimachus, Marion Adler as Lychorida and Diana, and Wayne Best as Antiochus and Simonides.

In his review for Broadway World, Jason Carlos expressed his appreciation for the intimacy and emotional connection one experiences when engaging with actors on stage. Director Barry Avrich successfully captured this intimacy through a combination of wide shots of the stage and close-up, on-stage footage, creating a cinematic depth to the performance. This recording showcases the Stratford Festival's mastery of Shakespeare, offering undeniable proof of their theatrical excellence.