Reefer Madness Musical Streaming for Free This Weekend

Reefer Madness Musical Streaming for Free This Weekend

Reefer Madness, the 2005 musical satire based on the 1936 cult classic of the same name, will be streaming for free all weekend!

The stage-to-film adaptation, from the creators of Heathers the Musical (which will also stream for free next month), is based on Andy Fickman's 2001 off-Broadway musical.

The original 1936 propaganda movie was meant to be a cautionary educational film to keep teens away from drugs - but turned into a cult favorite years later. Over the years, the movie's exaggerated acting, questionable storyline, and one-sided viewpoint turned it into a cult favorite, which was then turned into a musical

Here's how to stream Reefer Madness this weekend:



The 2005 film adaptation is directed by Andy Fickman and written by Kevin Murphy, who also produced the film. Both collaborated years later on Heathers the Musical, which has direction by Fickman and music, lyrics, and book by Murphy.

The musical was added to our growing list of free musicals and plays that stream online. The film will be available to stream all weekend long through TUBI TV in the US and Canada.

Reefer Madness had its off-Broadway debut in 2001 at the Variety Arts Theatre. The musical was set to open in September 2001 and was slightly delayed due to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. After finally opening on September 18, the show did not manage to attract an audience and was forced to close just three weeks after its Oct 7 opening.



The film adaptation premiered on Showtime in April 2005, and also received a limited theatrical release in countries outside the US.

The film stars Kristen Bell as Mary, Christian Campbell as Jimmy, Ana Gasteyer as Mae, Steven Weber as Jack, Amy Spanger as Sally, John Kassir as Ralph, with Alan Cumming as The Lecturer, and Neve Campbell as Miss Poppy.