Read the Reviews for Heathers the Musical on The Roku Channel

Read the Reviews for Heathers the Musical on The Roku Channel

This is an updating story.

Reviews are now out for the live capture of Heathers the Musical - now streaming exclusively on The Roku Channel. The capture is now available to stream for free in the US and Canada - check out all details on how to watch Heathers the Musical now.

Heathers the Musical is still playing an extended engagement at London's West End, where it was filmed live by Steam Motion and Sound in May of this year. Steam is expected to release more live captures of shows in the near future, with the live recording of Waitress the Musical hinting an upcoming release.

Here's what critics thought about Roku's live capture of Heathers the Musical:



Elisabeth Vincentelli for The New York Times: "For the Cliques"

"Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe’s musical adaptation pulls its punches compared to the original but it still has some bite, and a quiver of great songs. Despite flashes of timidity and an overlong running time, the musical is a fun romp with plenty of, ahem, killer tunes."


Michael Cook for Geek Vibes Nation: "A Fantastic Recording Of An Okay Musical"

"At the end of the day, Heathers the Musical is an excellent recording of an okay musical. Narratively, the story doesn’t benefit at all from the music. But the music is so good that it’s very easy to just turn your brain off and let yourself get swept away by the campy delights of the spectacle. All of the actors seem to be having the times of their lives onstage, and it’s a true joy to watch them revel in the audience’s adoration. On a technical level, Heathers the Musical delivers about as perfect a proshot as you could realistically expect. It does a great job capturing the energy of the performance, and the camerawork is artistic without being distracting. If you’re already a fan of the Heathers musical, then you’re gonna adore this recording. But if you’re on the fence, I’d still say it’s worth a watch if you’re open to losing yourself in campy delights."


Ashley Hajimirsadeghi for MovieWeb: "An Over-the-Top Black Comedy about Teenage Angst, Violence, and Bullying"

"Heathers: The Musical keeps all of its theatrical charms in this new medium, and, with the right camera angles and shots, feels legitimate as a movie. Unlike other shows, such as Come From Away, it is not too painfully obvious this is a work of theater outside of the audience reactions that occur every so often. Maybe the world will see an adaptation of the music done in the traditional cinematic sense, but, until then, this version is more than enough."


Alex Wood for WhatsonStage: 4 out of 5 stars

"Andy Fickman's direction favours wide shots - broadening the intimate stage at The Other Palace and giving the company a larger canvas to work with. It allows the big ensemble numbers to pop, with a smaller selection of close-ups peppered throughout adding greater dynamism and flare. Where a lot of filmed shows, like Hamilton or Come From Away, sit their audiences in the dark, Heathers decides to bathe them in a soft purple light and cuts back to them regularly- they become a constant, vocal presence."


Kevin Taft for We Live Entertainment: Heathers: The Musical is very "Very"

"10/10. All of this is cleverly put on stage by director Andy Fickman and writers Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe, who also wrote the hilarious and sometimes touching score. From Veronica’s ballad “Dead Girl Walking” to the rousing “My Dead Gay Son” to the repeated motif of “Seventeen,” there are a lot of standouts, especially from the performers, who are all excellent. In fact, Davidson’s “I Say No” is the show-stopper, odd as it was a late addition, not appearing in the original 2014 version of the show."

More reviews will be added as they are published. Stream Heathers: The Musical now!