West End's Phaedra to Stream on National Theatre At Home

West End's Phaedra to Stream on National Theatre At Home

National Theatre at Home will soon welcome the streaming debut of the highly anticipated play Phaedra, directed by Simon Stone and featuring an exceptional cast led by Janet McTeer and Assaad Bouab.

After years of fierce focus on her political career, a powerful politician turns her attention to her personal life, only to have the reappearance of a figure from her past shake the foundations of her house and the beliefs that have underpinned her power.

As buried lust and loneliness surge to the surface, her actions threaten to destroy everything she has built. Simon Stone, known for his previous successes like "Yerma" at the Young Vic, reimagines Seneca's famous tragedy in this striking new play, bringing a fresh perspective and audacious storytelling to the stage.



The talented creative team behind Phaedra includes set designer Simon Stone and Chloe Lamford, costume designer Mel Page and associate set designer Chloe Lamford, lighting designer Mel Page and James Farncombe, and composer and sound designer James Farncombe and Stefan Gregory.

Phaedra will be available for streaming on National Theatre at Home, the National Theatre's renowned on-demand platform, starting this June. The platform offers a wide array of productions including Tom Hiddleston's Coriolanus, Helen McCrory's Medea, Olivia Colman in Mosquitos, and the mesmerizing Amadeus starring Adam Gillen and Lucian Msamati.

Now, Phaedra joins this prestigious lineup, further enriching the platform with its thought-provoking and visually stunning production.

Critics have already expressed their admiration for Phaedra. In a review for the Evening Standard, Nick Curtis describes the production as "gobsmackingly audacious" and praises the magnificent Janet McTeer's return to the London stage after too many years away. McTeer leads a fine ensemble that includes Assaad Bouab, known for his roles in "Call My Agent" and "Bad Sisters," who makes his London stage debut.