Broadway Revival of Romeo and Juliet Streams Free This Month

Broadway Revival of Romeo and Juliet Streams Free This Month

The first digitally captured production from BroadwayHD - the 2013 Broadway revival of "Romeo and Juliet" starring Orlando Bloom (in his Broadway debut) and Condola Rashad will be streaming this month for free.

The revival marked the first time the play appeared on Broadway since its 1977 production with Paul Rudd and Pamela Payton-Wright. The revival played Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theatre (current home to Hamilton) from August 2013 and played more than 100 performances.

Here's how to stream the revival of Romeo and Juliet this month:



The Broadway production was filmed utilizing nine HD cameras shortly before closing in November 2013. The film was eventually released through Fathom Events in the United States in more than 2000 theaters for Valentine's Day in 2014. 

Joining Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad are Brent Carver as Friar Laurence, Jayne Houdyshell as Nurse, Donte Bonner as Sampson, Christian Camargo as Mercutio, Joe Carroll as Balthasar, Chuch Cooper as Lord Capulet, Corey Hawkins and Tybalt, and Geoggery Owens as Prince Escalus.

Viewers in the US can now stream the revival for free, for a limited time, through TUBI TV. We've updated our list of free streaming musicals and plays with a direct link to the stream. The film is expected to be available throughout the month of August but could be extended by TUBI TV.



The modernized revival uniquely depicts Romeo and his family as white actors, while Juliet and her family are represented by black actors.

The play was met with mixed to positive reviews from New York critics. In her review for Variety, Marilyn Stasio said: "The kids are all right.  That’s the takeaway from “Romeo and Juliet,” with movie heartthrob Orlando Bloom and ingenue stunner Condola Rashad as Shakespeare’s star-cross’d lovers.  The interracial casting of the feuding Montague and Capulet clans sounds bold, but has surprisingly little dramatic impact.  The tragedy also survives its gimmicky update to modern-ish times.   Bottom line: This enduring love story stands or falls on the appeal of its lovers, and the young stars bring a sweet passion — if no ear whatsoever for romantic poetry — to their immortal roles."

The filmed production is certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and receives more favorable reviews. The Evening Standard review of the film mentioned: "The lovers’ first scene together is moving, while performances by Jayne Houdyshell (the nurse) and Christian Camargo (Mercutio) growl with intelligence. Another plus: most of Shakespeare’s words are left in one piece, so students keen to avoid actually reading Romeo and Juliet won’t be led too far astray."