Read the Reviews for Trevor the Musical on Disney Plus

Read the Reviews for Trevor the Musical on Disney Plus

Reviews are coming in for Trevor the Musical - now streaming exclusively on Disney Plus. The show is based on the 1995 Academy Award-winning short film of the same name. The original film is now available to stream for free.

The musical closed off-Broadway in December 2021 before being filmed by RadicalMedia (Come From AwayHamiltonAmerican Utopia) for Disney. It was recently announced that the musical was acquired by Music Theatre International for worldwide licensing.

The musical tells the story of Trevor, a 13-year-old who goes on a turbulent journey of self-discovery. After Trevor faces an embarrassing incident at school, he has to gather his courage in order to pursue and forge his own path in life.

Here's what critics thought about Disney's latest filmed stage musical:



Amy Nicholson for The New York Times: "He’s Coming Out"

"Adult performers are vastly outnumbered by a strong company of singing and dancing children, who in the school scenes form phalanxes and mazes, physically cornering Trevor into being isolated and judged. These classmates’ talent show intrigue and crossed crushes only exist to pad the thin plot. The book and lyrics writer Dan Collins is better at his insight into the young characters’ melodramatic point of view — none of them can imagine this rather rote story has ever happened to anyone else."


Brian Lowry for CNN: "'Trevor: The Musical' brings the story behind the Trevor Project to Disney+"

"Trevor: The Musical can't help but feel partly encumbered by the "important" label, bringing lessons about self-acceptance to Disney+, whose parent company has been a ripe target for controversy. Yet this filmed version of the off-Broadway show works as a triumph for the young cast and especially the relatable lead, powering past its lesser aspects with infectious energy and a touching message."


Alex Reif for Laughing Place: "Filmed Version of “Trevor: The Musical” Showcases How Important This Story Still Is Decades After the Oscar-Winning Short"

"Yes, Trevor: The Musical is sad, but it also inspires hope...The show was likely more engaging in a live setting and some sequences feel dragged on too long to hit a 2-hour mark on the show’s total runtime, but it’s still a joy to watch. The fact that a story as important as this is now accessible on a platform like Disney+, connected to an organization as necessary as The Trevor Project, shows just how far we’ve come from when the short that inspired it all was released."

Jennifer Green for Common Sense Media

"An endearing teen cast and lively Diana Ross-inspired score deliver important messages highlighting a well-known LGBTQ+ support organization. While Trevor: The Musical isn't likely to find anywhere near the audience of Disney's filmed version of Hamilton, for example, audiences should probably get used to streaming plays and musicals. It's an opportunity for viewers who can't access or possibly afford to see them in their original context."

Roger Moore for Movie Nation: "Filmed Version of “A Pride Month period piece comes to Disney+"

"Their musical doesn’t quite commit to its subject matter, and rarely dazzles as it dances its way around it. “Trevor: The Musical” has pluck and real kids with just-hit-pubertyish voices and kid-simplified choreography awash in positive messaging in a show that feels seriously dated, if worthwhile in the attempt."

More reviews will be added as they are published.