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JOHN & JEN Starring Rachel Tucker Now Streaming Online

A new digital capture of Andrew Lippa and Tom Greenwald's musical John & Jen, an intimate look at the complexities of familial relationships in a changing America, is now streaming globally!

Here's how to stream the musical now:



The digital capture of John & Jen, by Bray Productions and Stage2View productions in association with BroadwayHD, has been updated since the last revival to reflect modern times, and is an emotional rollercoaster of a musical that explores the dynamics of family relationships.

Stream the show now through our John & Jen page.

The filmed musical starts off in 1985 with John and Jen, brother and sister, who were born seven years apart and grow up together totally inseparable. Jen makes a "forever pact" with her little brother to always protect him against anything and anyone, including their own dad.

The production fast forwards to 2005, where Jen lives alone in Canada with her baby boy whom she has named John, a living memorial to the brother she failed to protect. The beautiful and haunting score emotionally captures the zeitgeist of contemporary America.

Andrew Lippa and Tom Greenwald said, "This new London-born production of "John & Jen" has been gloriously captured on film and forever captured our hearts. You'll see, when Rachel Tucker and Lewis Cornay inhabit our musical, just how deeply two great singing actors can move, inspire, and entertain. Powerfully directed on stage by Guy Retallack and masterfully filmed by Austin Shaw, this production of "John & Jen" will help the show reach a new audience of families and musical theater lovers, and we couldn't be happier."

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