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Reefer Madness movie musical added to free streaming list - Here's how to watch

Reefer Madness, the musical satire of the 1936 cult classic Reefer Madness that played Off-Broadway in 2001, is now streaming for free! Here's how you can now watch the production:



This freaky musical is a parody of an actual, dead serious anti-marihuana propaganda film from 1936, trying to convince the American public that just one drag of a pot cigarette forever and irrevocably turns average high school kids into hopeless drug addicts.

The musical is now available to stream through our list of free streaming musicals.

Watch the youth of an all American small town collectively go down the drain as a satanic weed dealer gets his hands on "A-student" Jimmy and his innocent high school sweat heart Mary Lane. She soon turns into a horny dominatrix while he is high up in the clouds singing Gospels with Jesus and the Devil.

This tale needs no happy end. But thanks to this educational masterpiece the audience will be alerted to any marihuana-terrorist attempting to poison the world with a joint.‚Äč

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