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The Ultimate HAMILTON Watch Party Checklist - Get Ready For The Premiere Tomorrow!

​HAMILTON drops on Disney Plus in less than 24 hours - and we've prepared the Ultimate Watch Party Checklist ahead of the streaming premiere! Here are our 10 suggestions on how to create the most immersive HAMILTON party tomorrow:


  1. Get a digital copy of the full HAMILTON libretto for $3 to follow along during the show!

  2. Check the exact hour HAMILTON drops in your region, right here.

  3. Make sure your Disney Plus subscription is active, or subscribe here. Free trials are currently not available.

  4. Get a digital download of the HAMILTON cookbook for ideas on what food to prepare tonight.

  5. Buy all the ingredients for the Official Hamilton Cocktails from your local supermarket.

  6. Download and print your HAMILTON programs, through this link.

  7. You may add in the Production Notes from Disney, by clicking here.

  8. Stream the show!

  9. During intermission, visit the virtual HAMILTON merchandise stand, and order items such as the HAMILTON blanket!

  10. Rewind.