John Leguizamo's 'Latin History for Morons' filmed for Netflix release

John Leguizamo‘s, 2018 Tony Award-nominated Broadway solo, Latin History for Morons, hit the stage in June for encore performances at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center after its extended Broadway engagement closed in February.  Three performances of the one-man show were taped for an upcoming Netflix special.

Latin History for Morons traces the marginalization of Latinos in U.S. history and the vital roles they played — beginning with a satirical recap of Aztec and Incan history, to stories of Latin patriots in the Revolutionary and Civil War, to the present.

The show was nominated for a 2018 Tony award for the Best Play on Broadway, on top of a special award for Leguizamo as a performer who has brought diverse stories to the stage for the past three decades of his career. It was inspired by trying to help his kid with finding Latino heroes to look up to for a school project. The research turned into the Broadway show including 3,000 years of Latino history, starting with the conquistadors all the way to Menudo.