TONIGHT: Livestream of Broadway's ALLEGIANCE starring George Takei and Lea Salonga

The new streaming service "Broadway on Demand", which launched earlier this month, will stream the Broadway musical "Allegiance" tonight for 10 days only. Click here for a direct streaming link!

In addition to the streaming musical, the original 2015 Broadway cast, including George Takei and Telly Leung, will take part in a virtual red carpet the same day. The musical Bandstand will also air on the platform, starting May 25.

“At a time when the ugly echoes of fear and racial prejudice once again grow louder, remembering our history becomes critical,” Takei said in a statement. “Pearl Harbor and WWII put our country to the test, and while the nation rose up to the challenge and fought our enemies abroad, sadly we also turned against our own at home and inflicted an injustice that should never be forgotten. It fills me with great pride that audiences will be able to both experience this important story through Allegiance, as well as to get a behind-the-scenes look at the labor of love and the journey that took Allegiance from concept to the Broadway stage in this new, fascinating documentary.